Brickyard Hours:
We Have Closed!

Dear Brickyard Family and Prescott Community-

I cannot express how thankful and blessed I have been over the last 7 years. I have had the opportunity to serve this wonderful community of Prescott and create so many memories with my Brickyard family. We truly live in a wonderful community and I am fortunate to have experienced that first hand! From Prescott Daze to Prescott sports, we have enjoyed all of our involvement and cheering you on along the way. As a business owner myself, I cannot thank the following businesses for all of the ways they’ve supported me along the way-- Ptacek’s IGA, Cernohous Chevrolet, Great Rivers Printing, First National Bank, Prescott Insurance (Noah Insurance Group), Prescott School District, and Prescott Chamber of Commerce--THANK YOU! Your support and good will means more to me then you know. You are the reason Prescott has flourished and why it will continue to do so. Prescott is lucky to have all of you! Both myself and my employees have had the wonderful opportunity to meet and create relationships with so many community members and customers from both near and far; we cannot thank you enough for all of your support and fond memories! We will miss seeing so many of you.

As many of you know, when running a business there is much needed support from family members behind the scenes. To my husband and my parents, you have been my rocks. Your encouragement, and unconditional love and support have been my backbone for the last 7 years. Truly, there are so many family members and friends that have supported me and the Brickyard-- thank you! I look forward to spending more time with all of you in the near future! Last but not least, to my employees, you are the success of the Brickyard! I have had the opportunity to employ and be a part of so many of your lives, and for that I am truly blessed. The dedication and loyalty so many of you have shown me has not gone unnoticed. I could not have gone through this journey without you and your support. I am forever indebted to you and will never forget you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

As they say, ‘when one door closes, another opens... Kimberly Braun will open Lucille’s sometime in April. We are excited to introduce her to Prescott and wish her the best of luck--may she too be blessed with success and great friends along the way.

With gratitude,

Beth Johnson